3D High Definition Television Guide

3D High Definition Television Guide

A criticism regularly levelled at current 3D technology is the need to wear special glasses to create a dapth effect. They work by blocking the image to each eye at a very fast rate, causing the brain to patch the repidly changing images together. A 3D tv may or may not be bundled with glasses, and if it is, the set may only include one or two pairs. Additional pairs can be purchased but if you have a family of 4 or more, or want to share 3D with friends, the costs can spiral. Another problem is that each manufacturer sells glasses that only work on their systems, which makes it less likely that a friend could bring their own pair of glasses with them to watch the film or sporting event with you in 3D.

However, recognising the hesitancy of consumers because of these problems, manufacturers have quickly developed 3D technology which does not require the use of glasses. A form of this technology can be seen in the Nintendo 3DS and it is soon to hit smartphones. The use of the technology on larger screened devices however has been slow. The possibility of a 3D tv with no glasses in the near future may well lead you to decide that it is not worth spending thousands of dollars on a set that requires glasses now. You may well be right. It will not be long though before glasses free 3D sets are the norm.

3D television is a technology in its infancy, and it may take time for it to reach a point where it is stable, and where 3D content is mainstream. That point is in the not too distant future. For now though, if you need a new TV, pay the small premium and get a 3D set. If possible avoid glasses. If you bought a TV recently, perhaps it may be worth considering a purchase, or it may be worth waiting six months to see the form 3D will take in the long term.

Either way, the future of television looks very interesting. We can be sure that there will always be a new advancement, it is just important to remember that if the product on the market would satisfy you, there is no need to wait. It may be the case that any new technology seen after that point is of little benefit or value to you anyway.

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